We Can Help You Understand The Health Insurance Marketplace

Health insurance can be very confusing. We will help you simplify the process to choose the correct plan for you: First – Identify important elements you want in your plan. [Read More]

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Today more than ever, employers need the expertise, innovation, meaningful service and in-depth understanding of workplace trends. These have been the hallmarks of Benefit Design Associates, Ltd. for a quarter century. We deliver the unique benefits of a strategic partnership. [Read More] Benefit Design Associates, Ltd. will help you find the most appropriate protection plan to meet your needs. We will also identify and discuss other important forms of financial protection you should consider for yourself, your family, your partners and your loved ones. [Read More]



For more than 25 years, companies and individuals have chosen to work with Benefit Design Associates, Ltd. to create customized employee benefit plans and individual income protection plan strategies for financial security.