Long-Term Care – What Does Medicare Cover?

If you are confused about what long-term care costs Medicare covers, you are not alone. Many Americans erroneously believe that Medicare will pay for their future long-term care expenses, but the reality is the coverage is very limited.

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Seven Steps to Keep Track of Your Critical Papers

Financial statements, insurance policies, legal documents – if you had to find them in a hurry, could you? Rarely do we think about needing many of our important documents, but when we do (which often is in an emergency or crisis), they are nowhere to be found. Here are seven steps to having these critical papers available whenever a need arises.

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Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

Did you know that a beneficiary designation can trump your will? It’s true. A designated beneficiary for a life insurance policy or investment account can take precedence over your last will and testament.

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Five Tips to Avoid Unexpected Costs of Preventive Care

Being charged for a doctor’s visit you thought was free is frustrating. Preventive care services for health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act do not require a co-pay or coinsurance and you do not need to meet your deductible in order to receive these services. So why did your doctor’s office charge you?

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Nine Extremely Useful Things to Know About Long-Term Care

Planning ahead for long-term care eases the decision-making stress if there comes a time when performing life’s daily activities is difficult or unmanageable.

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Our First Blog Post

We’ve been using the “stay informed” section of our web site to keep you up to speed on the latest news in benefits, but now we’ll be providing additional information in our own company blog. Welcome to our first post. Check back soon for new posts.

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