Income Protection for Individuals

Benefit Design Associates, Ltd. will help you find the most appropriate protection plan to meet your needs. We will also identify and discuss other important forms of financial protection you should consider for yourself, your family, your partners and your loved ones.

A Personalized Approach

DSC_1544-revDeborah Corso, CFP, founder of Benefit Design Associates, has built a loyal following and sterling reputation for devising personalized income protection programs for clients from a variety of professions, income levels and life stages.

Working closely with you, she will take into account your circumstances, priorities, goals and aspirations. As a Certified Financial Planner and insurance industry veteran, Deborah will prepare and work to create a carefully crafted, comprehensive plan that addresses your needs and provides a balanced approach to achieving financial security

She, her capable associates and staff will always be available to personally assist you throughout the process. And when your circumstances change or opportunities arise, we will promptly revisit and revise your plan accordingly.

Real Service, Not Just Lip Service

Should we have the pleasure of working with you, you will quickly discover that we strive to deliver thorough, thoughtful and genuine personal service. The way it used to be. The way it was always meant to be.

Whenever you call with a problem you haven’t been able to solve, we’ll do our level best to find a solution. We’ll work for and with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

And that’s more than a promise. That’s who we are. Benefit Design Associates, Ltd.